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Actos Lawsuit

If you’ve been dealing with type 2 diabetes in your day-to-day life, you may have been prescribed Actos. The drug (which also goes by the name piolitazone) is taken orally to help control blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, this drug is under a 10-year review ordered by the FDA and may have caused serious problems for hundreds of thousands of people. Those who have taken the drug should speak to their doctor immediately and an attorney who is qualified to help them.

What Is Wrong with Actos?

Simply put, many researchers believe that Actos caused bladder cancer, bone fractures and heart failure in hundreds of thousands of people. That’s bad enough in and of itself and would warrant a class-action lawsuit. However, making matters much worse is the suspicion that the manufacturer, Takeda, may have known these risks existed and went forward with selling the drug anyway.

Seeking Justice

Unfortunately, if you’re a victim of Actos, seeking justice may not be as straightforward as you’d like to think. For one thing, there is still a lot to prove regarding Actos and its side effects. Even if the drug is proven to be the liability many believe it is, you’d still have to prove that Actos was what caused your pain and suffering. That’s right, even if you have bladder cancer right now and previously took Actos, your case isn’t a slam dunk. First, you must prove that your cancer was caused by the drug.

This is why you need a qualified attorney to take your case. You better believe that the manufacturer of Actos has a team of lawyers adept at fending off these kinds of lawsuits.

Find a Lawyer with Experience

First and foremost, a qualified attorney will be on with plenty of experience. They have to understand how the pharmaceutical industry works, for one. This entails everything from how drugs are manufactured to how they’re tested to how they’re marketed. Ideally, you should try to secure someone who has gone toe-to-toe with Takeda before and won.

Reputation Is Important

This is going to be one of those cases where the reputation a law firm carries will be hugely important. That’s because Takeda is no stranger to litigation. At the moment, over 3,000 people have sued the company over Actos. Experts believe that, eventually, that number of lawsuits could get as high as 10,000.

What this means is that Takeda has become weathered. They know which firms to fear and which they can brush off or otherwise not lose sleep over. Obviously, you want the former. You want a law firm that strikes fear into that company’s heart and makes it clear they should be generous with damages.

Find a Lawyer You’re Comfortable With

All those lawsuits mean that there are many lawyers out there who are turning them into their bread and butter. This is great, of course, if you have one representing you. As we mentioned before, that experience will make a big difference.

That being said, you don’t want a lawyer who’s going to treat your case like it’s nothing new. Your case may have a number of unique aspects. On top of that, it’s unique to you and you deserve to have it treated as such. There’s no reason you should be an expert in these kinds of matters, which is why your attorney should be more than happy to walk you through what all it entails.

If you’ve suffered because of taking Actos, it goes without saying that you deserve justice. Without the right attorney, though, you’ll have to go on suffering without the damages you need to make life comfortable. Use the above advice to get the representation it will take to be successful.