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A Train Derailment in West Virginia Has Dire Consequences

During the middle of last month, there was a catastrophic train derailment that took place in West Virginia. This train derailment was so bad that it actually managed to grab national headlines. Thankfully, the accident did not result in the loss of life, but we believe that it serves as a reminder that catastrophic accidents can and will happen.

The accident occurred around 1:30 PM on February 16th in Fayette County, West Virginia, according to a report by CNN. In total, 30 of the over 100 cars on the train jumped the tracks, including several cars that were carrying crude oil. The crude oil from these cars burst into flames, and eventually exploded, sending a huge fireball into the sky. The fire and explosion led to the destruction of one home and the injury of one person. In addition to this, many residents were required to evacuate the immediate area surrounding the train derailment.

The effects of this accident were not confined solely to the above, however. Some of the crude oil that did not ignite ended up spilling into the Kanawha River, which is used as a source for drinking water in the local area. Because of this, water service was shut off in the immediate area and residents were forced to conserve what drinking water they had. This catastrophe with the drinking water, as well as the fire and explosion, led the governor to declare a state of emergency in the area affected by the accident.

What Caused the Trail to Derail?

As of last report, there was no word as to what caused the train derailment in West Virginia. However, there are a number of things that could have contributed to the accident. For one, the weather on the day that the train derailed was quite severe. It’s possible that the tremendous snowfall could have caused a problem with the tracks. Also, it’s possible that the individual responsible for operating the train could have been traveling at an unsafe speed for the conditions.

Of course, the weather may not necessarily have been to blame. It’s possible that the company responsible for maintaining the quality of the train tracks failed to do its job. If this was the case, then it’s easy to understand how such a massive train could have derailed. It’s also possible that routine maintenance may not have been conducted on the train cars themselves, and that this could have contributed to the accident. Whatever the cause, you can be sure that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will be getting to the bottom of it.

Heavens Law Can Assist Those Affected in Similar Incidents

The fact that the cause of the accident requires so much investigation underscores the reason why you should seek out the services of a qualified attorney if you’re ever affected by a similar accident. For one, you cannot rely upon the companies involved or the insurance companies that represent them to always act above board. In the end, both of those parties are interested in preserving their bottom lines and in limiting their responsibility for any given accident.

Only a qualified attorney, like those employed at Heavens Law, can help to ensure that your rights are fully protected following an accident of this nature. Our lawyers can conduct an investigation in addition to those conducted by companies, insurances adjusters, and federal and state agencies to identify all entities culpable for the damages you suffered. By doing this, we’re able to ensure that our clients are able to get the fullest compensation for their injuries and damage to property possible following such a catastrophic accident.


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