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“Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty.”
~John Adams (1774)

$827,000 Verdict For Kitchen Worker Who Was Offered Only $50,000 Before Trial

Betty Hale worked for Aramark Food Services in the Southwestern Regional Jail in Holden, West Virginia. On October 6, 2006, Ms. Hale’s left foot was injured when an industrial mixer fell off a wheeled cart and on to her foot. She eventually had to have two toes amputated as a result of her injuries.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit against State Police Settled During Trial

Larry and Mary Webb’s 12-year-old son, Curtis, was struck and killed by a West Virginia State Trooper’s vehicle on March 22, 2008. Following the accident, the Webb family received several anonymous letters suggesting that they should retain legal counsel to have the matter investigated. It appeared that these letters must have come from someone within the ranks of the State Police or someone with detailed knowledge of the incident that could not be obtained without inside information. The Webb family initially had trouble finding a lawyer to take the case, since it would involve taking on the State Police.

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