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Shenango Township woman charged after reckless driving leaves elderly woman critically injured

On Friday January 6th, a woman belonging to Shenango Township crashed her car into another car being driven by an elderly woman. The car crash caused critical injuries to the latter and left a dog dead. Right now, the woman who caused the crash is facing charges for causing life-threatening injuries. The woman facing the charges is Charlie S. Nelson, a 38 year old who lives on Willowbrook Road. Nelson faces multiple charges including reckless driving, driving under influence, aggravated assault, cruelty to animals, unsafe passing on the left and endangering another person’s life. 100 block of North Cascade Street was where the aforementioned collision too place and the time of the incident was 4:21 Pm.

The accident occurred on January 6th but Nelson was charged with the aforementioned offenses only a few days ago on Wednesday February 4th. The New Castle police charged her with the offenses after they received the results of her blood alcohol test. The dog that died in the crash was sitting in Nelson’s car. The woman who suffered injuries due to Nelson’s rash driving was identified as Delores Popovich, an 80-year-old woman who lived in Hickory Township.

The Police recently revealed that the Popovich is in critical condition and battling for survival. According to the police, a surgery of Popovich’s back was scheduled for Monday, 6th February but the operation didn’t take place as Popovich’s condition wasn’t stable enough for the surgery. The police further revealed that the St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital had diagnosed Popovich with a broken wrist, broken ribs, broken ankle, bruised lung and bowel, a cracked sternum, crushed vertebrae, and broken femur. St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital is the hospital where Popovich was taken to after the accident.

Being involved in a car accident is one of the worst experiences anyone can have on the road. Whether you are at fault or not, the time of the accident and the period afterward can be a cause of misery. Additionally, if you develop a medical problem due to the accident or your car gets severely damaged and you aren’t able to get compensation for it, things are likely to get worse for you. For the reasons just mentioned, it’s extremely important that you report even the minor accidents you’re involved in immediately after they occur. Even if the other person involved in the accident disappears from the scene right away, the chances of you being blamed for the accident will less if the incident is reported by you. For some States, who reports the incident is a very big deal.

Considering what just been said, you should never leave the scene if you’re involved in a car accident. Getting in touch with Heavens law firm is another thing that you need to do when involved in car accident. Heavens law firm has more than twenty years of legal experience and has dealt with countless cases related to car accidents in West Virginia.

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