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Have you heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? Most of us have, and yet we don’t take this good advice to heart. After all, how many of us know all about the steps needed to make a functional and effective claim for workers comp? We know that our employer is obliged to carry insurance coverage for it, and we know that it is there for us in the event that we are hurt while doing our job, but how do you effectively claim it? That is often something we need to find out only as we need to make a claim, and by then it is often too late to get a decent outcome.

Understanding the Glitches

If you are injured on the job, whether mildly or severely, the first thing you will want to do is to seek medical attention. After that, you may think it best to get in touch with someone from your company in order to determine what to do next. Unfortunately, your employer and/or their insurance firm will not be “on your side”. They are not going to eagerly figure out how to start paying for medical expenses and lost wages. Rather, they may actively seek a way to discredit your claim and get out of paying such hefty sums.

This is why your second step after going for medical care is to get in touch with Pennsylvania Workers Comp attorneys straight away. Literally, as you sit in the emergency room or as you return home from receiving medical care, you should be on the phone with a lawyer. They can then start to file claims and ensure that you are going to get all of the compensation needed to overcome the injury.

The reason that things don’t often work out in the employee’s favor is simply that insurance companies really don’t enjoy paying out on the claims made. One of the first things they do when they get word of a claim of your kind is to question the validity of it. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is tasked with determining if the injury did happen at work or if it was something that you did on your own time. This would be a fraudulent claim on your part, and is something you never, ever want to attempt.

However, even if your claim is valid, they may look for things that throw a doubt or two on the veracity of the claim. Were you already tired or ill before the incident? Did you fail to follow protocol? Was there another reason for the injury that had nothing to do with the employer or workplace? This is all information that they will seek to uncover.

Your attorney is the one who is going to make sure that all of the proper documents and claims are filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, and to follow through on any unnecessary delays. After all, there are actually a lot of workers comp claims active at any time, and this can cause the responsible agencies to fail to meet your deadlines. Rather than sit around and hope for payments to come, you can get in touch with Pennsylvania Workers Comp attorneys and they will make sure everything is back up to speed in no time.

If you’ve been injured on the job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heavens Law. They will review your case with you and help to protect your interests and your rights. Whether you just got hurt or you have waited too long for compensation, they can review your claim and help you get what is yours under the laws of the state.


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