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Elderly Abuse

Growing old is never an easy thing. As the biological clock ticks on into the later years, we find that we are no longer physically capable of doing the same things that we used to be able to do. Further, our mental abilities can deteriorate, sometimes significantly so in the case of the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Because of this, the elderly often have to seek additional care in order to go about living their lives. In some cases, they may elect (or their families may elect for them) to receive care in a nursing home. In other cases, an elderly individual may elect to hire a visiting caregiver. While the vast majority of people who provide care in these circumstances do so with compassion and expertise, sadly there are those that do not. Because of this, incidents of elder abuse are becoming increasingly common. It’s important for elderly individuals and their families to know that this does not have to be tolerated. In fact, by hiring an experienced elderly abuse attorney, they can hold accountable those who would mistreat or take advantage of the elderly.

Elderly Abuse Committed in Nursing Homes

The number of nursing homes across the country has continued to rise to meet the demands of an increasingly older population. In most places, nursing homes provide exactly the kind of care and attention that you’d expect. However, as with any growing business, there are some nursing homes that fail to provide a reasonable standard of care to those under their watch. For this reason, instances of outright neglect have become more and more common.

But, elderly abuse in nursing homes doesn’t stop there. In fact, there have been an alarming number of incidents where elderly individuals have been treated roughly or outright physically assaulted by the staff responsible for caring for them. Such acts are truly heinous, and those that commit them should be held accountable to the fullest extent possible. In addition to pursuing a criminal complaint, elderly individuals and their families can pursue damages and compensation by hiring an elderly abuse attorney.

Elderly Abuse Committed by Visiting Caregivers

Personal caregivers have always been available to the elderly for them to receive attention in their own homes. But, like nursing homes, the number of these personal caregivers has increased significantly over the years. While most of these personal caregivers are just what they appear to be, some can have ulterior motives, and still others can be abusive in just the same ways that the staffs at nursing homes can be. Because these caregivers have access to the homes of elderly individuals, abuse can also include things like stealing or psychologically influencing elderly individuals to cut off communication with their families. If you believe that something of this nature is taking place with your caregiver or the one of someone you care about, then it’s vitally important that you retain the services of an elderly abuse attorney right away.

How to Get in Touch With an Elderly Abuse Attorney

If you or someone you love is suffering from elderly abuse, either at the hands of nursing home staff or those of a personal caregiver, then you need to take action. Heavens Law has a team of highly experienced elderly abuse attorneys who fight for the rights of our country’s senior citizens. All you have to do is call 1-800-HEAV law to speak to one of our elderly abuse attorneys. They will offer you a free consultation during which you can explain the facts of your particular circumstance. From there, the attorney will make recommendations for how best to bring those who would abuse the elderly to justice, both criminally and civilly.

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