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Work injury

Every year thousands of workers receive injuries in construction site accidents. Some are even killed. Though typically construction companies are obligated to employ safety engineers to inspect each site and to provide safety programs for workers, accidents continue to occur.

In general, a worker who is injured may not file suit against his or her own employer; however, if a third party’s negligence can be shown responsible for the injuries, that party can be held liable. When a worker is injured because of his or her own negligence, or the negligence of his or her employer, or even due to circumstances and conditions which were in fact no one’s fault, the injured may receive Workers Compensation in most states.

The Workers’ Compensation Acts provide for benefits for those injured on the job. Benefits may also extend to anyone suffering occupational disease. Workers’ Comp benefits often include payments each week. Payments are calculated by the type of award (temporary total disability, partial disability, etc) and pre-injury income. Workers’ Comp may also cover some medical expenses.

Owners, architects, equipment manufacturers, supervisors, and many others may be at least partially responsible for site safety and, therefore, responsible for accidents and injuries. All contractors are required to provide a “reasonably safe site” and to warn of hazards, comply with safety specification, and hire competent workers. Due to their use on the construction site, equipment manufacturers bear some responsibility for site safety, and defective or dangerous equipment may be devastating.

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