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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

In Pennsylvania as everywhere else in the country, the specter of sexual abuse and sexual assault are always present. It’s a more than a sad state of affairs to be sure, and it’s too common to ignore. While popular culture might lead you to believe that only certain segments of the population are vulnerable to sexual abuse and assault, the fact is that anyone can be subjected to these horrible crimes. Of course, sexual assault and abuse is a criminal matter first and foremost, but dealing with these issues doesn’t begin and end in the courtroom. Those who suffer from sexual assault and abuse will have to deal with the aftermath for their entire lives. To cope, they will need to seek medical treatment for their injuries, physical, psychological and otherwise.

Everyone Is Vulnerable to Sexual Assault and Abuse

No matter your gender, sexual orientation or age, you are at risk for suffering sexual abuse or assault. Often, victims of these heinous crimes don’t come forward, often due to the shock and shame associated with such incidents. But, they should, because those who perpetrate these crimes must be brought to justice.

It is a common misconception that sexual abuse and assault is carried out by people who are strangers to the victim. Sadly, it is more often the case that the perpetrator is someone who is known. In fact, usually someone who has a position of authority over the victim, whether it is through age, position or otherwise, carries out these most heinous of acts. Sexual abuse and assault can be suffered by men and women alike and in places that are as various as elementary schools and nursing homes. If you’re a victim or know someone who is, it’s vitally important that you come forward as soon as possible.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Are More Than Criminal

The courts are here to protect victims of sexual abuse and assault. Making a criminal complaint against the perpetrator of these crimes should be a top priority. It is important to not think of bringing a criminal complaint as an act of vengeance. Rather, one should think of the ways in which they are acting to protect other individuals who might be or could become victims of the perpetrator.

After bringing a criminal complaint, though, there is more that you can do. It’s important that you take whatever steps necessary to cope with the criminal act that you were subjected to, and this can include everything from receiving medical treatment to receiving ongoing therapy. You didn’t put yourself in this position, and you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for getting the help that you need. After a criminal case has concluded, you can bring civil suit against the perpetrator in order to recover compensation to cover your expenses. Further, you can pursue litigation against any parties who might have facilitated, permitted or cast a blind eye toward the sexual abuse or assault.

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If you’ve suffered from sexual assault or sexual abuse, know that you have recourse through the law to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as for any ongoing medical expenses that are associated with dealing with the aftermath. At Heavens Law, we always approach these cases with the utmost sensitivity, and we have an overriding desire to help those who are most in need. If you’d like to speak with one of our attorneys who specialize in sexual abuse and sexual assault, then you can call 1-800-HEAV-LAW. Over a free consultation, you can share your story, and our attorneys will go to work ensuring that your rights are fought for to the fullest extent.

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