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Nationwide Faces Lawsuit for Contract Breach

Heavens law has filed a lawsuit against Nationwide General Insurance Company on behalf of a client alleging breach of contract. According to the complaint, Nationwide failed to provide compensation for damage that occurred to property owned by Linda Blevins, even though the company was actively insuring the property in question.

The property, located in Chauncey at 48 Godbey Street, was damaged by fire on March 14, 2017. Blevins’ complaint was filed June 19th in Logan Circuit Court. It alleges breach of covenant and good faith and fair dealing.

According to Blevins, she contacted Nationwide following the fire but has not yet received payment. She claims Nationwide refused and continues to refuse to make a settlement offer, and that the company did not promptly investigate the scene of the fire.

Blevins is seeking a jury trial, and asking for all insurance benefits to which she is entitled, including economic loss, consequential damages, pre- and post-judgement interest, attorney fees, legal fees and costs, and all other appropriate relief.

Aiding Clients Denied the Insurance Benefits They Deserve

Our firm has worked with many clients who have been denied insurance benefits to which they were entitled. Insurance companies are notorious for giving clients the runaround and denying them what is rightfully theirs.

Clients purchase insurance policies to protect their homes and their other property. They enter into a contractual relationship with these companies and pay their premiums, only to be faced with denial of benefits when they file a claim. Legally, this is a breach of contract. It is within your rights to take action if your insurance claim is denied.

Insurance claims should be handled promptly and according to contract, but all too often, companies attempt to circumvent their contractual obligations. They do so in hope that the client will back down or be intimidated, or that they will grow frustrated with the process and give up on the claim. We want to make sure this does not happen.

If you are dealing with property damage and an insurance company is denying payment of benefits, or you have entered into a contract with any type of insurance company and a claim is being denied, we can help. Our goal is to ensure that insurance clients are treated fairly and receive what they deserve.

For more information or to speak to someone about a claim you were denied, contact Heavens Law at 888-897-5377.

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