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More Information About Sexual Assaults in West Virginia

We recently discussed an especially sickening case that involved the rape of a 15-year-old student inside of a West Virginia high school. The victim was attacked by another older student, and then reported the incident to a school counselor. The school counselor then promptly informed the principal of the incident, but that principal, Clinton Giles, failed to alert the authorities promptly, severely jeopardizing the authorities’ ability to investigate the incident in the process.

As you already know, we’re especially alarmed by this case at Heavens Law. Sexual assaults are, in our view, the worst kinds of crime that can be committed, and we believe that it’s vitally important for West Virginia and society overall for the perpetrators of these crimes to be brought to justice. When people in positions of authority, like Clinton Giles, fail to take these crimes seriously, we have a problem with that. It doesn’t matter if the sexual assault occurs in a school, at a workplace, or anywhere else. These incidents must be reported, and those responsible for doing the reporting must see their duty through.

What To Do Following a Sexual Assault

This tragic case illustrates the importance of handling a sexual assault incident correctly. As the 15-year-old victim in this case did, it’s important to let a person in a position of authority know about the assault as quickly as possible. Prompt action must be taken in order for evidence to be collected. In these incidents, victims will sometimes hesitate to get in touch with authorities for a number of different reasons. But, they should not. Not only will involving the authorities help with bringing the perpetrator of the crime to justice; it will also prevent that perpetrator from turning anyone else into a victim.

While there should be criminal repercussions in any case of sexual assault, it’s important to note that the criminal justice system does not provide the only avenue of recourse for a sexual assault victim. Such a victim can also pursue justice and compensation through civil courts. In pursuing this justice and compensation, it is not only the perpetrator of the crime that can be held accountable. Those whose actions facilitated the sexual assault can also be held accountable for their negligence. The experience of a qualified sexual assault attorney, like those who are employed at Heavens Law, will be necessary in such a case. They can thoroughly examine the facts, and seek compensation from any and all parties whose negligence resulted in the sexual assault transpiring.

Havens Law is Here for West Virginia Sexual Assault Victims

Our hearts go out to the 15-year-old sexual assault victim at Capital High School. Not only is the crime that she suffered awful, but also she was also let down entirely by the people in a position of authority that were supposed to protect her. We are following the case of Clinton Giles with great interest, and we hope that he will be held accountable for his negligence in handling the victim’s case. Our children are West Virginia’s most vulnerable citizens, and high school principals, counselors, and teachers must take great care in ensuring that our children are protected from harm.

Of course, sexual assaults can happen anywhere, including in the workplace. If you or someone you know has become a victim of sexual assault, then please reach out to the authorities immediately. Also, get in touch with Heavens Law, because we will take your case with great seriousness, and will ensure that your rights are protected both in the criminal proceedings, as well as in any civil proceedings against responsible parties that you might pursue.


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