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Man Dies in Two-Vehicle Crash in East Drumore

Lancaster County Coroner identified 38-year-old Brandon Murphy as the man who died in a two-vehicle crash recently in East Drumore Township.

The occurred near the intersection of Church Road and Clearview Drive, which is about a miles and a half from Robert Fulton Highway (Route 222) in East Drumore Township. It occurred shortly after 9:15 a.m. according to Lancaster County Wide Communications. 

The report from the scene of the crash stated that the vehicle involved was turned over and in flames. Firefighters with Quarryville Fire Co. eventually extinguished the blaze but have not yet responded to calls for additional information as of Monday afternoon.

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Vehicle Crash that Involved Your Loved One is Devastating

If you’re loved one was involved in an auto accident, it’s important that you not try to handle the situation on your own. You need support and guidance from an experienced legal professional.

The sooner you and your family contact an experienced lawyer, the sooner you can begin to investigate the situation. An attorney can gain access to important information associated with the accident, including police reports, witness descriptions, and medical reports. An attorney’s knowledge and experience is fundamental in building a successful case.

It’s important to understand that as the survivor of someone who died in a vehicle crash, you’ll be targeted by insurance companies and possibly others who do not have your best interest at heart. It’s common for insurance companies to ask you to sign paperwork after an incident and in some cases, they might even send a release that immediately ends the case. There is no rush to resolve the matter and doing so only harms your family. You should share any information you receive from the insurance company with your attorney.

At Heavens Law, we know that the time following the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult you’ll ever endure. Working with a trusted attorney means you’ll be able to at least alleviate some of the stress of having to do any footwork associated with the case. We’ll handle the case so you’re able to focus on the mental and emotional well-being of your family during this difficult time.

Heavens Law represents victims and their families who were injured or killed in vehicle crashes. You deserve experienced legal representation. For more information or to discuss your case, contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377 to schedule a free consultation.

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