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Man Dies After Vehicle Rear-Ends Tractor Trailer

According to Police, an Upper Chichester man was killed after his car rear-ended a tractor trailer on I-95. The vehicle hit the tractor trailer with such force that it became wedged underneath the big rig. Emergency personnel pronounced the driver of the vehicle,Nelson Daniel Diaz, age 33, dead at the scene.  Around midnight on the night of the accident, Netsereab Issak Yohannes, age 35, of Alexandria, Virginia, parked the tractor trailer he was driving, in the gore area of I-95 southbound, near Exit 4. Yohannes had parked to check the braking system on his truck. After he inspected, Yohannes climbed back into his truck.

According to police, Yohannes was about to get out of his parked position when he felt a strong jolt to the rear of the truck. Then, he allegedly exited his tractor trailer to see what it was. It was there that he saw a 2010 black Kia Soul trapped underneath of the big rig. Crash investigators determined that Diaz, who was the driver of the Kia Soul, exited the right curb lane, where he was traveling and rear-ended the tractor trailer. Police stated there was some distance in which Diaz left his lane of travel before hitting the truck. The investigation is continuing.

In this case, and others such as this, there are two legal issues at hand. The first, federal regulations prohibit truck drivers from parking on the berm of the road without placing orange warning triangles or flares in the roadway and activating the flashers on the truck. The second legal issue is the ICC bars on the tractor trailers are sometimes not manufactured to appropriate standards, causing them to collapse immediately in rear end collisions. These issues need to be analyzed by experienced tractor trailer lawyers immediately, before evidence is destroyed or discarded.

While the statute of limitations will give you plenty of time before you have to file a claim against the responsible party, the earlier you do it, the easier it will be for your attorney to represent you. They may want to survey the scene, for one, and most of the evidence will be getting cleared shortly after the accident. A good attorney will also want to speak with any witnesses who were present for it as well. The longer you wait, the less reliable these witnesses will be. Vehicle accidents can be absolutely devastating and the majority of us are at risk of being involved in them each and every day. The good news is that an experience vehicle accident attorney can come to your aid during this difficult time.




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