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Main Line School teacher arrested for sexually assaulting her student

On Wednesday 1st February, Radnor police arrested a 28-year old woman for sexually assaulting her 16-year-old former student. The arrested woman was Nina Scott, a teacher at Presbyterian Children’s Village. Present in Radnor Township, Presbyterian Children’s Village is a childcare facility where students are enrolled after a court order decrees it. According to online records, the accused is facing seventy charges.

According to Lt. Chris Flanagan, the Radnor police first found out about the alleged assault in October 2016. The police started investigation immediately after they found out about possible misconduct against a minor at Presbyterian Children’s Village. After lengthy investigation, the police determined that the accused sexually abused a minor who was a student at the school where the former taught. According to the police, the alleged assault occurred between February and October 2016.

After arresting her, the Police questioned Nina Scott about the alleged sexual assault. Nina Scott told the police that she had written over thirty letters to the aforementioned 16 year old. Additionally, she revealed that she had sexually assaulted the girl at her home, in her vehicle and on school property between February and October during the previous year. After leaving the school, the 16-year old former student resided at Luzerne County’s Mid-Atlantic Youth Services facility where during a routine student room inspection, a journal that included romantic references made to the accused by the girl was found.

Prior to her arrest, Nina Scott was asked about her sexual relationship with the minor girl several times but on each occasion, she denied the accusations leveled against her. However, she did admit writing more than thirty letters to the student. The investigators revealed this. The investigators further stated that they had contacted the girl about the alleged assault but she too denied having any physical relationship with the teacher. In fact, she called Scott her mentor.

After her arrest and investigation, Nina Scott admitted being physically intimate with the girl. She told the police that she kissed the girl on several occasions and sexually abused her in a classroom at the school. Additionally, she told the police that she had twice seen the girl naked: once in a Philadelphia park and the other time in a classroom. The reason the accused gave for initially lying to the police was the fear of having her job and daughter taken away.

After Nina Scott admitted her crime, the police once again talked to the girl about the abuse. This time the girl admitted the assault on her, informing the police that she made the first move by asking Scott in class if the two could kiss. She also revealed that she ran away from the school in August last year and stayed at her teacher’s home.

Sexual abuse is a serious crime and the seriousness of this crime increases if the victim is a minor. If you know any minor who’s suffered from sexual abuse, get in touch with Heavens law firm to help him or her get justice.

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