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Father Sues Auto Companies in Son’s Death

A father from Beckley, West Virginia has sued Ford Motor Company and a local dealership after the wrongful death of his son. The father, Danny S. Wellman, administrator for Jarred S. Wellman, filed a lawsuit in Wyoming Circuit Court against Ford Motor Company and Ramey Automotive Group Inc. doing business as Ramey Ford Lincoln of Beckley, alleging negligence and other violations. According to the complaint, Ramey sold a defective motor vehicle or an auto with defective parts to an auto shop which in turn sold it to Danny and/or Amanda Wellman. On March, 4, 2013, Jarred Wellman was driving the vehicle, a Ford Explorer, southbound on Interstate 77, the suit states, when the vehicle rolled over several times on the roadway, after passing through a gravel area on the berm.

The lawsuit states that Jarred Wellman’s seat belt disengaged, the roof was crushed and the driver’s window was shattered, ejecting Wellman onto the pavement and causing a fatal head injury. The lawsuit says the vehicle was not crash-worthy. The defendants should have known of its defects and are liable for damages caused by its design and manufacturing defects. The plaintiff alleges breach of implied warranty. Danny Wellman seeks compensation for: sorrow and anguish; loss of income and services; medical and funeral expenses; attorney fees; and costs. He is represented by attorneys Patrick McFarland of Parkersburg, Christopher Heavens of Charleston; and Jaime Jackson of Atlee Hall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Death is never an easy subject to come to terms with, especially when it involves those close to you. However, wrongful deaths can be especially difficult, given their nature. Unfortunately, you have no time to waste if you wish to file a lawsuit in response to this tragedy. This is why your first step should be contacting a wrongful death attorney in West Virginia for help. Currently, the statute of limitations for bringing forth a claim regarding a wrongful death is two years in West Virginia. While that may seem like a lot of time, there may be a number of factors you need to consider before you file suit. Rushing the lawsuit may mean it gets rejected by a judge, before it ever has a chance.

With an experienced wrongful death lawyer in West Virginia, you may win your wrongful death case, end up with what is rightfully yours. While you may always hurt from losing someone special, that’s no reason to not seek all the damages you deserve.



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