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West Virginia Fracking Damage and Injuries

Hydraulic fracturing, which is more commonly referred to as fracking, has become a commonplace practice in the state of West Virginia. This is due in large part to the Marcellus Shale play, which has attracted many businesses operating in the oil and natural gas sector to the state. In these businesses’ blind rush to generate profits, many have unfortunately decided to sacrifice worker safety. Because of this, as the fracking industry has expanded in the state, so too have the injuries suffered by West Virginia’s workers. Further, fracking also poses serious risks to West Virginia’s pristine environment. Its environmental impact has led to damage to the property of West Virginia’s residents, and its also caused injuries and health-related issues in other cases.

Fracking Damage and Injuries for West Virginia Workers

Workers who earn their livelihood in the oil and natural gas industry face risks that simply aren’t present for workers in other industries. For one, oil and natural gas are inherently dangerous themselves, and one act of negligence in their presence can lead to an explosion or fire, which can have disastrous consequences. Further, the worksites where these resources are extracted are home to all manner of heavy machinery and equipment. If those things aren’t properly maintained and serviced, or if someone uses one of those things recklessly, then a serious accident can result. Because of these and other risks, West Virginians who work on fracking jobsites are at risk for injuries that range from broken bones to serious burns and even worse.

When a worker on one of these jobsite suffers an injury, they should get in touch with a highly qualified West Virginia fracking attorney immediately. The ones at Heavens Law are highly experienced with handling fracking damage and injury cases, and can work to ensure that a worker’s rights are fully protected. Often, employers and the insurance companies that represent their interests will attempt to avoid compensating injured workers as much as they should be compensated. For this reason, we always advise injured workers to seek our counsel before signing any documents that these parties produce. This allows us to ensure that these workers always have the full range of options available to them when seeking compensation for injuries they’ve suffered.

Fracking Damage and Injuries for West Virginia Residents

Homeowners in West Virginia can also suffer injury and damage to their property due to fracking. When an accident occurs, the groundwater in the area can become polluted by a wide variety of things, including the oil and natural gas itself. Because of this, West Virginia residents around fracking sites may be exposing themselves to a wide variety of health issues by continuing to drink contaminated water. Further, fracking sites have been known to leak harmful pollutants into the air, which can cause a variety of respiratory problems for those near these sites. Finally, the actual fracking itself could lead to a homeowner’s property becoming damaged, whether it is to the home itself or the land that the home is situated upon. If you’re worried about this or other issues related to fracking, then it’s advisable that you retain the services of a highly skilled fracking attorney, like those employed at Heavens Law.

Why You Should Get In Touch With Heavens Law

Our team of lawyers has represented workers and West Virginia residents in a number of fracking-related damage and injury cases. We always work to ensure that rights are fully protected and that due compensation is achieved when appropriate. If you have been injured on a fracking jobsite or believe that the industry is posing a risk to your family’s health and property, then call 1-800-HEAV-LAW right now for a free consultation. We’ll listen to your situation and your concerns and help you to protect yourself and your interests.

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