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Gas Well Accidents (Pennsylvania)

More than at any other point in its history, the oil and natural gas industry has become increasingly important to Pennsylvania. The major reason for this is the rush that’s being experienced by the Marcellus Shale play, which is located in the central and western portions of the state. Many companies have set up gas well operations on the play, and more and more Pennsylvania residents have become employed by the oil and natural gas industry. While many of the companies operating these gas wells are doing so in a safe manner, many are not.

These exceptions are sacrificing worker safety for profits, and because of the negligent actions of these few companies, gas well accidents have been on the rise. As a result of these accidents, more and more of Pennsylvania’s workers are becoming injured on the job. But these accidents don’t just affect workers; they affect Pennsylvania’s residents too. That’s because gas well accidents have the potential to do great harm to the environment, both to the water that we drink and to the air that we breathe.

Pennsylvania Gas Well Accidents and Workers

As everyone knows, natural gas is an incredibly volatile substance, and working with it or around it puts a worker at tremendous risk. Further, the heavy machinery and equipment, as well as the chemicals that are used on these sites, pose their own risks. These are the reasons that jobs in the oil and natural gas sector are among the most dangerous jobs in the world. However, when companies operating Pennsylvania gas wells are taking all reasonable measures to ensure worker safety, the risk of an accident occurring is incredibly low. That being said, there have been noteworthy incidents where Pennsylvania companies have sacrificed worker safety at their gas wells. The resulting injuries from these gas well accidents are often quite severe.

When a worker is injured in a Pennsylvania gas well accident, he or she has a means to receive compensation and damages for his or her injuries. By getting in touch with an experienced Pennsylvania gas well accident attorney, such a worker can ensure that their right to receive the fullest compensation possible for their injuries is preserved. Such an attorney should be contacted as quickly as possible, because employers and their insurance companies will often act quickly to avoid having to pay costly claims. A qualified Pennsylvania gas well accident attorney can ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Pennsylvania Gas Well Accidents and Residents

In addition to workers becoming injured due to gas well accidents, sometimes residents who live nearby an accident site become injured as well. In some notable cases, harmful chemicals as well as gas itself have contaminated the groundwater in the area surrounding a Pennsylvania gas well accident. In addition, toxic fumes have been known to emanate from gas well accident sites, poisoning the air that Pennsylvania residents breathe. If you believe that you or your family has been affected by a gas well accident, then get in touch with Heavens Law today, so that we can fight for your rights.

Get in Touch With a Pennsylvania Gas Well Accident Attorney Today

Our team of Pennsylvania gas well accident attorneys are highly experienced litigating cases for workers and residents alike. If you want to ensure that your rights are protected, then get in touch today. You can call for a free consultation at 1-800-HEAV-LAW. A member of our team will hear what you have to say, judge the facts of the case, and make recommendations for the best way to proceed. We take Pennsylvania gas well accidents seriously, and we’ll do whatever’s necessary to ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the fullest compensation possible.

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