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Fracking Damage and Injuries

In the state of Pennsylvania, fracking, which is also known as hydraulic fracturing, is becoming a more widely used technique for extracting oil and natural gas from the Marcellus Shale play. While the oil and natural gas industry has spent inordinate amounts of money trying to convince the public that fracking poses no risks to workers or residents, the truth is not as the industry paints it. Because of the boom of fracking practices in the state, many companies have begun to cut corners in order to stay ahead of their competition. Because of this, Pennsylvania workers who work for companies that participate in fracking are at an increased risk of suffering injuries in the workplace. Further, these safety-skirting measures have put the environment of Pennsylvania at risk, which is in turn threatening the health of many of Pennsylvania’s residents.

Fracking Damage and Injuries for Pennsylvania Workers

There can be no doubt workers in the oil and natural gas injury face more safety hazards than workers in virtually any other industry. When those safety hazards are combined with unscrupulous practices on the part of these workers’ employers, the hazards are compounded many times over. The fact is this: fracking accidents have occurred in the state of Pennsylvania, and they will occur again. When these accidents happen, workers are the ones who suffer grave personal injury and are the ones stuck with extreme medical bills. The injuries that these workers can suffer at fracking sites range from the garden-variety, as in a slip and fall accident, to more serious traumatic injuries like burns and even the loss of life.

It’s important that a Pennsylvania worker who has suffered injury on a fracking jobsite retain the counsel of a qualified attorney with knowledge of the industry. At Heavens Law, we’ve represented a number of workers who have been injured due to fracking, and we’ve helped them to ensure that their right to full compensation has been properly protected. In every case, we advise these workers not to sign any documents provided by their employer or their employer’s insurance company before we’ve had a chance to review them. That’s because these parties are only interested in preserving their bottom lines. At Heavens Law, we’re interested in seeing to your full physical and financial wellbeing and recovery.

Fracking Damage and Injuries for Pennsylvania Residents

Workers are not the only people who are at risk of suffering injury when a fracking accident occurs. Unscrupulous practices on the part of businesses participating in fracking have led to some of Pennsylvania’s groundwater supply becoming contaminated. Because of this, some residents in the state face potential health issues just by continuing to drink the water that they drink. Further, some accidents have caused the release of toxic fumes into the air, which has led, in some cases, to a variety of health issues suffered by Pennsylvania residents. Even further, some accidents have actually caused damage to the property owned by Pennsylvania’s residents. If you believe that your family has been affected in any of these ways by fracking in the state, then get in touch with Heavens Law. We can investigate your case and make recommendations for how best to protect your loved ones and your property.

Heavens Law Is Here to Represent You

Whether you’re a worker who’s suffered injury at a fracking jobsite or a Pennsylvania resident who believes that fracking has caused damage to your personal property, you should get in touch with Heavens Law. When you call 1-800-HEAV-LAW, one of our highly experienced attorneys can offer you a free consultation, wherein you will have the opportunity to explain your circumstance and concerns and to receive advice on the best course of action.

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