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Slip and Fall

The coal industry is heavily regulated, but unfortunately the regulations are not uniformly enforced. The coal mining industry is known for widespread safety violations as a method of cost-cutting and profit enhancement. When a mining accident occurs causing injury or death, MSHA or other regulatory bodies usually get involved and conduct thorough investigations. However, many people, and some lawyers, don’t know that the law limits the ability of people to call MSHA representatives and other employees of regulatory agencies to court as witnesses.

Additionally, some of the official regulatory reports on Mining accident injury or wrongful death cases may be redacted for confidentiality or proprietary reasons. Because of the restrictions on the use of testimony, information and documents from government regulatory agencies, it is important for victims to retain a lawyer that can immediately retain investigators and experts to compliment the work being performed by government regulatory agencies. To help people understand their rights on work-related coal mining accident cases, Chris Heavens has an instructional guide called Workers Compensation and Third Party Claims.

As a young lawyer Chris Heavens was hired by insurance companies to represent mining companies and their subcontractors in mining accident litigation. From this experience, Mr. Heavens learned how mining operations are initiated and executed, including the interplay of master service agreements and indemnity agreements between coal owners, property owners, general contractors and sub-contractors. Mr. Heavens’ interviews and dealings with working men on the ground gave him invaluable knowledge and wisdom on how mining operations are handled from a working man’s perspective. Mr. Heavens has an excellent grasp of the application of MSHA regulations and the various legal theories utilized by coal mine companies and their lawyers to avoid responsibility when something goes wrong. Mr. Heavens no longer represents coal mine companies in coal mining accidents. Today, he devotes 100% of his litigation practice to representing people and families who are the victims of coal mining accident injuries or wrongful death. Mr. Heavens has successfully litigated mining accident cases for people and families resulting in millions of dollars in compensation to his clients and has established life-long friendships with those clients.

The Nature of Coal Mining Accidents

Most people don’t know that many of the cases arising from the coal mining industry don’t involve actual mining activities, but rather the ancillary activities of contractors that are part of coal mining operations. The interplay between coal mining owners and operators, and their various web of corporate organizations, can be confusing to people who have suffered a grevious injury or lost a loved one. What can be more confusing is the interplay between the various sub-contractors. Retaining a lawyer who can sort through the myriad of corporate diversionary tactics to identify responsible parties and their insurance companies is very important. Chris Heavens has the knowledge, experience and aggressiveness to get this job done.

An Attorney Who Knows the Industry

Coal mine companies, operators and contractors have insurance companies and insurance company lawyers who do nothing but defend coal mining companies, operators and contractors in accident and wrongful death cases. These people are very good at what they do and their main objective is to protect the coal companies, operators and contractors at the expense of victims. However, when victims promptly retain an experienced coal mine accident attorney, they are working toward leveling the playing field. Having an attorney that knows the motivations and habits of the people that you are suing is a distinct advantage in any litigation. Chris Heavens’ success in coal mine accident cases is a result of his ability to cut through the myriad of legal manuvers utilized by coal mine companies, operators and contractors. Chris Heavens has spent time in mines and he understands the dangers involved in coal mining operations. He is familiar with the tools of the trade, from continuous miners to shuttle cars to roof bolters. When you talk to Mr. Heavens about your case, he will know what you are talking about and he will have experts available who will be able to immediately evaluate and analyze the legal issues presented. Mr. Heavens does not talk down to people. When he represents people, he treats them with respect and dignity. He personally returns client phone calls. But don’t take our word for it, visit our website and see what our former clients are saying about us.

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