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Construction Worker Killed by Tractor-Trailer

According to the Maryland State Police, a construction worker was killed along Interstate 95, after a tractor trailer entered a construction zone and struck two vehicles. The police stated that the tractor-trailer was northbound near Interstate 200 in Beltsville, Maryland around 1:30 a.m., when the tractor-trailer his two vehicles. One of those vehicles hit a construction worker. The construction worker was identified as 62-year-old Randy Jury of Halifax, Pennsylvania. Jury was taken to Laurel Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. According to the state police, the tractor-trailer driver was also transported to the hospital. The operator of the tractor trailer has been identified as Jeremy Ray Bolden, 43, of Charlotte, North Carolina. His condition has not yet been released. Authorities were on the scene for several hours investigating the crash and cleaning up the scene.

Traffic construction zones are heavily regulated because of the great danger posed to construction workers on those sites. While these cases are often the result of inattentive drivers, there may also be deficiencies in traffic control at the site itself. Injured workers, and the families of workers who are killed, should wait for the Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration for reports before settling any insurance claims with vehicle insurance companies. People affected by these accidents should immediately consult with an experienced attorney, since the insurance companies for any vehicles or construction companies will likely have their investigators and lawyers involved within minutes or hours of such an incident.

Regardless of the accident, the personal injuries that a victim suffers can be quite severe. When these injuries are suffered due to the negligence of another party, then a victim has a right to hold that party accountable. If you’ve suffered personal injury due to an accident or through someone’s negligence, then it’s important that you retain evidence. In addition, you will also want to avoid making statements about the accident or signing any documents that are produced before speaking with a personal injury attorney. Often, to avoid the costs of a lawsuit or rising insurance premiums, and individuals and business entities will attempt to get you to sign your rights away. Don’t allow them to do this!



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