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Two Truckers Die in Icy Crash on I-80

Two truck drivers lost their lives last week, on the I-80. One of the two tractor-trailor drivers was identified by the coroner. The crash was caused by a six vehicle chain reaction in central Pennsylvania.

Coroner Scott Sayers of the Centre County stated that the victim was John Gaskin of Landover, Maryland,  a 65 year old man. The other driver could not be identified due to the condition of his body, and his dental records are being analyzed so he can be identified. The crash took place on Jan 11.

The tractor-trailor stopped in the eastbound lanes near the Bellfont exit, causing the crashes at around 12:30. After that another truck slid off towards the right, partially blocking the traffic.

Even though the second tractor-trailor stopped safely, there was another one which crashed into it, followed by two others, and two more vehicles which included passengers.

The two men that were killed were driving the third and fourth tractor trailers involved in the crash.

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