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The New DUI Law in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is changing its DUI laws, especially the ones that apply to first-time DUI offenders. Tom Wolf signed a bill in May 2016 which states that breathalyzer enabled ignition interlock devices will be expanded even more when the DUI law takes effect this year in 2017. These breathalyzers prevent the driver of any vehicle from driving if he/she is intoxicated and will be considered the new option in sentencing drivers convicted of their first DUI if their blood alcohol content is more than 0.10 percent.

The current law states that DUI drivers could face a 1 year suspension of license if convicted. But this could all be changed and they can get back a provisional license after 6 months if they agree to use the breathalyzer for one year.

The cost and expenses of the leased breathalyzer device will be the responsibility of the convicted driver since driving is a privilege and not a right.

Since driving is of utmost importance to almost anyone who is employed, this new interlock device law is being considered by many a great alternative to letting go of their licenses for a year.

According to the Pennsylvania DUI Association, this new law will make about 12,000 more DUI drivers eligible for the interlock breathalyzers annually.

There were about 5,500 brealthalyzing devices that Pennsylvania installed in 2015. The interlock device has prevented a potential DUI driver around 53,000 times according to the PA DUI Association because they download and tracks all the information from these devices.

As of now, only the repeat offenders of the DUI offenders are required to use these devices—these are drivers who have got more than one DUI offense in 10 years. However, the new law will require first time offenders with the BAC requisite as well.

In order to get the IILL, the offender will have to pay a non refundable fee of $65 and file a form with PennDOT. Proof that the device is properly installed in all of the vehicles of the driver and that he/she will take all the financial responsibility for it.

The interlock devices are a bit pricey and cost between $800 to $1,300 to for leasing and installing per vehicle. The IILL License fees will bring in $2 million and cover all the costs of the government. The ILL license will be automatically qualifying those drivers who have not been convicted of DUI in the last 10 years.




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