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Death of Dallastown man who fell while working being investigated by OSHA

On Wednesday January 25th, a 47year old man fell through the roof while working and died. The incident took place in York and the deceased was identified as John Inners, an employee of Ream Associates Inc. At about 8 in the morning on January 25th, Inners fell some 15 to 20 feet off the roof while he was working at L. J. Allen Tire & Auto Services at 305 S. Richland Ave., in York City.

Six hours after arriving at York hospital, Inners succumbed to his injuries and died at around 2:17 P.M. John Inners was taken to the hospital after York City police and EMS officials reached the scene of the incident. According to Pamela Gray, the York County Coronet, Inners’ death was accidental and caused by blunt-force trauma. She gave the statement on the basis of an autopsy on Inner’s body that took place on the morning of Thursday, January 26th. Also, the spokeswoman of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Leni Fortson revealed that the accident is being investigated by federal safety officials. Talking to the press she said, “OSHA is investigating a fatality that occurred yesterday.” She further added “The employee fell through the roof to the concrete floor inside the building”.

The death of the Dallastown roofer is being investigated by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  According to Fortson, the federal investigation authority has six months to complete the investigation and release findings. According to Lt. Troy Bankert of York City Police, after arriving at the scene, police officials determined that they death of inner was not suspicious. Bankert said “It was clear that he was on the roof, and the roof gave in.”

After the death of Inner, a deputy coroner was asked to come to the hospital. About two hours later, the coroner went to building where John Inner fell but by the time she reached there, repair work on the roof had been done. The coroner revealed, “By the time we got to the scene, there was already a new roof in place so we were unable to have a clear picture of what happened”.

The building where the incident took place is owned by LJ Allen Co and houses three businesses. This was revealed by the secretary of the corporation Mike Allen. According to Allen, the Ream Roofing of Dallastown was hired by him because parts of the roof that had been damaged during winter last year. Neither Ream Roofing, the company John Inner worked for, nor the family of the deceased made any comments about the incident. Though a representative of Ream Roofing did relay to the media that they were in the middle of grieving and weren’t ready to make statements about inners’ death.

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