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Archives for: April 27th, 2017

Mining Accidents a Major Concern in Pennsylvania

Written by HeavensLawFirm on April 24, 2017

The recent incident involving a Lincoln County miner’s death was caused by a rock that fell between roof bolts, according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

The miner, Dennis Fillinger of Harts, West Virginia, was injured at the CK Mine No. 5 near Williamson in Mingo County in February….Read More

Church Bus Involved in Fatal Crash with Texting Driver

Written by HeavensLawFirm on April 24, 2017

Video has emerged allegedly showing the moments just prior to a pickup truck slamming into a bus, killing 13 elderly church members earlier this week.

The video includes audio footage of the witness, Jody Cooksler, calling 911, and reporting the driver of the truck was estimated to be traveling at about…Read More

iVe System Provides Valuable Detailed Crash Data

Written by HeavensLawFirm on April 24, 2017

A new tool available now is expected to change the information-gathering process in vehicular crash cases.

The iVe system is a forensic resource that goes above-and-beyond the usual “black box” crash data that comes from airbag control modules. iVe makes it possible for investigators to gather data from the infotainment systems…Read More

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Hotel

Written by HeavensLawFirm on April 24, 2017

Carbon monoxide appears to be to blame for the death of a teenage boy and the hospitalization of 14 other hotel guests in a town in southern Michigan recently.

According to Lakeland Hospital spokeswoman Jessica Hines, one of the 15 people was confirmed dead on arrival – it was 13 year…Read More

Bars Accused of Overserving Violent Man

Written by HeavensLawFirm on April 17, 2017
Broken Eye Socket

A lawsuit filed by a woman whose eye was fractured after an altercation in a bar was dismissed by a Yamhill County judge in Portland.

Talisha Blevins brought the $794,000 lawsuit against the Cabana Club after she suffered a fractured eye socket from…Read More

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