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Premises Liability

Kelly Repko v. Chichester School District, Court of Common Pleas, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Case No.: 04-6979

Type of Case: Student Injured on School Property

Kelly Repko was injured at Chichester High School when a stage riser left in the gym leaning against the bleachers fell on her leg. Ms. Repko was a student participating in gym class at the time of the injury. Her medical bills were approximately $3,500. Ms. Repko suffered a scar on the back of her Achilles tendon as a result of the injury. The Repko family contacted Chris Heavens because they felt that the school district’s insurance company was treating them unfairly. The insurance company refused to make a settlement offer to Mr. Heavens and a lawsuit was filed. At trial, Ms. Repko testified about the pain, discomfort and limitations created by her foot injury and about her future ambition to be a nurse. Ms. Repko’s foot doctor testified at trial about how Ms. Repko’s foot injury had impacted her in the past and would impact her in the future, particularly her career as a nurse. Result: $250,000 Jury Verdict*.

Counsel: Christopher J. Heavens, Boothwyn, PA

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