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You Could Have a Third Party Claim from Your Work Injury

The recent incident at the Bruce Mansfield Power Plant located on Ferry Hill Road resulted in the death of two employees, as well as the injury of four others.

According to a FirstEnergy spokesperson, the workers were in the midst of maintenance work in an enclosed underground area when a pipe ruptured and sludge entered the pit. Injured workers outside of the area were overcome by toxic gas believed to be hydrogen sulfide. Workers inside the pit, who were contract workers from Enerfab Corporation, died in the accident.

Workers injured in the accident were taken to nearby Pittsburgh hospitals and were listed in critical condition. One additional person – a FirstEnergy employee – was also injured.

The local Channel 11 news station asked FirstEnergy who was responsible for de-pressurizing the pipe before work began, and was told the company is investigating the incident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called to the site and will also conduct an investigation.

FirstEnergy’s website lists the Bruce Mansfield Power Plant as the company’s largest coal-fired plant and employers about 350 people. According to a Channel 11 investigation, the plant has a relatively clean record with OSHA and has been cited only one time recently in 2013 for safety violations. FirstEnergy paid a $3500 fine for that violation.

Third Party Claims Go Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Victims of work injuries like the FirstEnergy incident often have third party claims. Injured workers and surviving family members of those who were killed in the incident might have the option of filing lawsuits against FirstEnergy and Enerfab, once it is determined who was responsible for de-pressurizing the pipe that ruptured. This is often the case in work-related incidents that involve more than one responsible party.

We’d advise the families of these men to retain lawyers to protect their rights by making sure all evidence (physical, paper and electronic) is preserved.

The families may be entitled to more than worker’s compensation benefits, but the preservation of evidence is critical in making that determination. People should not feel self-conscious contacting a lawyer immediately after a personal tragedy because the companies involved in these incidents have teams of lawyers and investigators immediately working on these matters. They often use the inactivity of victims against the victims.

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