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Security Lapse Leads to Death of Two Doctors

A lawsuit alleging the deaths of two South Boston doctors was caused by a lapse in security was recently filed in Suffolk Superior Court. The lawsuit claims it took the security guard, an employee of Palladion Services, 20 minutes to call 911 after receiving a report that a gunman was inside the condominium.

The lawsuit brings to light a number of questions concerning security at the luxury condo complex, including why the gunman was able to gain entry to the building. Allegedly, he entered through an open garage door, which supposedly allows access to anyone on the street any time a resident comes or goes from the garage.

Security Lapse to Blame for Shooting Deaths

In an interview, the attorney representing the loved ones’ of the deceased doctors noted “The tragedy is you have a very high-end building . . . that has the look of a secure building but clearly is not. How [the gunman] got onto the 11th floor is still not known, but it should not have happened. And if [the building] had adequate protection and security, this wouldn’t have happened.”

The complaint accuses the condominium complex of providing “virtually no security for residents whatsoever,” and states that it’s possible to enter the garage any time it’s opened by a resident.

According to details from the lawsuit, the gunman was seen outside the building before 3 pm the day the shooting occurred. He entered the building around 3:50 pm that same day. A security camera on the building is only viewable by a security guard who is often busy with other duties and not paying attention.

The complaint also stated the staircase providing access to every floor of the building was unlocked at the time of the shooting.

According to the complaint, the victims texted a friend that a gunman was in their condo. Thirty minutes later the friend called the front desk and asked the security guard to check the condo. A second call from the friend was placed to the security guard and the caller was told the guard had still not checked the condo. It was at that time that both the friend and the guard contacted law enforcement. The intruder was wounded by police officers upon their arrival, eventually pleading guilty and being sentenced to the Suffolk County House of Correction.

Building Claims 24-Hour Security Services

The Macallen Building where the incident took place claims to offer residents round-the-clock concierge and security services. The victims purchased their condo unit for nearly $2 million.

According to the complaint, the gunman had worked for Palladion Services for a period of time in the past, and was familiar with the layout of the building, as well as its lack of security.

Our firm has worked with victims who have been forced to deal with terrible, potentially life-threatening situations that resulted because of incompetence. If residents of an apartment or condo complex are told security services are on site, and they are led to believe they are paying a premium that goes toward their safety, this should be the case. The residents of the Macallen Building believed this and died because of a lack of security.

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