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Lawsuit Filed by Family of Boy Scout Killed While Hiking

A lawsuit was recently filed by the family of a Boy Scouts of America member in Dallas who was killed during a hike. The lawsuit alleges negligence by the organization and claims the organization is responsible for the Reid Comita’s death.

The lawsuit includes a number of allegations concerning the boy’s death, one of which claims Boy Scouts sent members on “… an extremely aggressive hike.” Allegedly, temperatures reached 100 degrees with a heat index even higher than that during the hike that led boys through “rugged” terrain in southwest Texas.

Comita had been enrolled in the organization’s introductory backpacking class. His family thought this was a safe option because the program was overseen by adults. According to his father, he did not have the experience to go on an advanced hike and was not athletic. Furthermore, the organization did not provide proper training to the boys before the hike began. Only two teenagers accompanied the boys on the hike.

The lawsuit also claims it took the Boy Scouts of America more than four hours to inform the Comita family of Reid’s death.

Boy Scouts of America Offers No Support to Victims Family

Reid was one task (the hike) away from accomplishing Eagle Scout. The award was given posthumously. According to the Comida family, Reid’s troop has been supportive, but the Boy Scouts of America have yet to offer any kind of support or condolences.

The organization issued the following public statement:

“This remains a difficult time for our Scouting community, and we continue to keep the family in our thoughts and prayers. The health and safety of our youth members is of paramount importance to the BSA, and integral to everything we do. We strive to create a safe environment for youth to experience outdoor adventure.”

This incident is not the first, and sadly is unlikely to be the last, in which a school or other institution causes harm to a child. Every day parents trust organizations like the Boy Scouts of America to look out for their children and far too often, negligence results in injuries – and worse.

We have handled cases against schools and other institutions where children have been harmed while in the custody and care of schools and other institutions. Reid Comida’s case is similar to ones we have handled. If your child has been harmed while at school or another institution that is responsible for the safety of children, we can help. Contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377 to learn more.

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