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Death of Wyoming County worker who got killed in an explosion termed an accident

On Monday January 30th, a Wyoming County worker got killed in an explosion that occurred near Creek Road in Clinton Township. The deceased was identified as Steven Swift, the maintenance manager of a northeastern Pennsylvania borough. The explosion and Swift’s death are currently being investigated by a coroner and the state police. As part of the investigation, an autopsy on the body of Swift took place on February 1st.

Swift was stationed at Factoryville borough, about 15 miles northwest of Scranton .The aforementioned explosion occurred at 6:30 PM on January 30th when swift was moving burning rubbish pile with the help of heavy machinery. According to Coroner Thomas Kukuchka, the incident was still being investigated by state police fire marshal. Heard and felt for two minutes, the explosion damaged two buildings close to the Factoryville maintenance shed.

What cause the explosion that killed the maintenance manager of Factoryville Borough is still being investigated by a state police marshal. Tunkhannock’s state police revealed this. However, the police didn’t give any further details including the reason for the explosion and what was being burned by Swift. After talking to state police about the incident, Jeff Mitchell, the Attorney of Wyoming county district whose office isn’t involved in the investigation said that the incident seem like an accident.

When the explosion occurred, Swift was working on a rubbish pile and was operating heavy-equipment loader. This was revealed by Tom Kukuchka, the Coroner of Wyoming County on the night of the incident. At 7:30 in the night on the day of the explosion, Steven Swift was pronounced dead. After the incident, the media tried several times to talk to Mr. Kukuchka but to no avail. Though the day after incident Mr. Kukuchka did break his silence and said the pile Swift was working on was not far off from the municipal building. He also revealed that the force of the explosion caused metal pieces to blow off the building.

The explosion was heard and reported by parents and students who were present at a basketball game being played a mile away from the explosion site. They revealed that the explosion was heard many miles away and it shook the school building at around 6:25 PM. The incident shocked the entire Factoryville community who went into a state of grief.

Employed by Factoryville in 1999, Mr. Swift graduated from Lackawanna Trail High School in 1993. Steven Swift was in charge of Factoryville sewer plant and at one point worked for Nicholson sewer authority .The former maintenance manager of Factoryville is survived by his wife, daughter, son, and grandson.

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