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Family Law

Understanding Family Law In Pennsylvania

Legal issues related to family relationships such as divorce, custody of child and adoption are covered by family law. Legal matters such as divorce, custody of child and maintenance of child are what Pennsylvania attorneys practicing family law generally handle. Though, they are some Pennsylvania attorneys that deal with issues other than divorce including paternity liberation and adoption. In the United States, family law varies according to state. A contentious area of United States law, family law draws strong emotions from those directly involved in the legal process. This is the reason litigants are strongly advised to get legal assistance from Pennsylvania attorneys.

Family law in Pennsylvania

The actions of the courts and lawmakers create and revise family laws in Pennsylvania. Following are the different family laws in Pennsylvania.

Marriage laws in Pennsylvania

Part of Pennsylvania family law, Pennsylvania marriage laws are meant for all people living in Pennsylvania who are about to get married. To get married in Pennsylvania, you do not require a blood test but there are certain requirements that you must fulfill. You can get married in Pennsylvania if you:

  • Are of the age of consent
  • Are not closely related to your would-be spouse
  • Are not already married to someone else
  • Are mentally stable

If you fulfill the aforementioned requirements, you will get a marriage license from the relevant issuing authority in Pennsylvania. Once you have the license with you, you can get married at any time during the next 60 days. Also, bear in mind that the state of Pennsylvania does not permit same-sex marriage.

Divorce laws in Pennsylvania

In addition to the laws for getting married, Pennsylvania has laws for getting divorced. The legal grounds for getting divorced In Pennsylvania include:

  • Being separated from your spouse for at least two years
  • Being a Pennsylvania resident for six months prior to filing for divorce
  • Irretrievable Breakdown
  • Violence or cruelty

Apart from the laws of getting divorced, Pennsylvania has laws for a division of property in case of divorce. In case two people get divorced in Pennsylvania, property is divided in an equitable manner.

Child custody and maintenance laws in Pennsylvania

The most emotionally difficult and contentious aspect of divorce dealt by family law is child custody. Though they are certain laws for awarding one parent custodial rights over the child, Pennsylvania judges usually consider the wishes of the child before making a decision. In some situations, Pennsylvania courts award joint custody i.e. both parents get custodial rights over the child.

Regardless of who get custodial rights over the child, both parents are required to fulfill the maintenance needs of the child. The amount of financial support a parent is required to give the child depends on the income of that parent. Family law is a complex and broad area of law. To understand it better or get help with legal issues related to family relationships, contact Pennsylvania attorneys.



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