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EAN Employees File Sexual Harassment Lawsuit after Company Repeatedly Ignored Allegations against Supervisor

EAN Holdings faces a sexual harassment lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Ohio in West Virginia from two of its current employees, and one of its former employees, for failing to take action when the plaintiffs were continuously sexually harassed by supervisor Brandon Michaels, as well as for knowingly hiring a supervisor with a background of sexual misconduct. Plaintiffs Olivia Bowen, Sahkita Galloway, and Crystal Tysinger are also filing a lawsuit against Michaels for emotional torment, distress, humiliation, and other factors involved with Michaels’ sexual harassment. The plaintiffs were all subordinates of Michaels’ and, until recently, were under his direct supervision.

The plaintiffs claim that EAN Holdings hired Michaels when the company had prior knowledge that the employee’s previous records included sexual misconduct towards coworkers and/or subordinates. Galloway, Tysinger, and Bowen also claim that their reports on Michaels’ harassment were largely ignored by the company, and that supervisors above Michaels allowed the sexual misconduct to take place. According to the plaintiffs, both EAN and Michaels broke clear regulations and standards set aside in the West Virginia Human Rights Act, as West Virginia lawfully considers sexual harassment a form of sex discrimination. The plaintiffs all argue that Michaels’ sexual misconduct created a hostile and offensive work environment, which classifies his actions as sexual harassment, and thus, sex discrimination.

The refusal of EAN to acknowledge the misconduct drove Tysinger to terminate her own employment with the company, as Tysinger found the work environment too sexually hostile and chose to leave the company that actively ignored sexual harassment claims rather than switch to another EAN location. Meanwhile, EAN merely relocated Galloway and Bowen to another branch of the company to separate the two from Michaels. According to the plaintiff’s claims and records, the company did not reprimand or take action against Michaels despite numerous reports of his lewd behavior. The company’s apathy to the entire situation is a driving force behind the plaintiffs’ case, and EAN’s ultimate lack of consideration for the welfare of its employees is also the primary reason for the plaintiff’s suit against EAN.

The two attorneys handling this case are Christopher Heavens of Heavens Law Firm and Paul L. Frampton of Atkinson & Polak, who on behalf of the three women, are pursuing allegations against EAN Holdings, the employer of Mr. Michaels, as well as Mr. Michaels himself. The case will see its next development in the Ohio Circuit Court.

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